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Report No. 22

Socio-economic Research Methods in Forestry: A Training Manual

Training Manual
Edited by S. Harrison, J. Herbohn, E. Mangaoang and J. Vanclay
ISBN 0 86443 691 2
This publication contains papers from a training workshop on socio-economic research methods in forestry, an outcome of research activities in the socio-economics program of the Rainforest CRC.

The workshop took place at Leyte State University in The Philippines in February 2002 and was the first such program by the research group within the ACIAR Project ASEM/2000/088 - Redevelopment of a Timber Industry Following Extensive Land Clearing. It represents part of the capacity building activity planned for this project. Objectives of the workshop were to:


  • Allow an exchange of views on the forestry research mindset of the Australian and Filipino project member;
  • Advance the planning of and participation in the ACIAR project; and
  • Document the various research methods we have employed in this and other forestry research projects
This training manual will be of assistance to others in planning training workshops, and to researchers in various disciplines who wish to gain skills in the particular research areas addressed here.

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