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Report No. 29

Animal-Plant Interactions in Conservation and Restoration

Workshop Proceedings
Edited by J. Kanowski, C. P. Catterall, A. J. Dennis and D. A. Westcott
ISBN 0 86443 707 2

The proceedings of a workshop held as part of the 2003 Annual Conference of the Rainforest CRC, including a range of papers and summaries of workshop discussions.

Papers include:

  • Insect pollinators from tropical rainforests: Their role in native forests, forest fragments and agricultural environments;
  • Fruit removal rates across a landscape;
  • The role of seed and seedling predators in determining plant abundance and diversity in natural and fragmented landscapes;
  • Animal-plant interactions in rainforest restoration in tropical and subtropical Australia;
  • Animal-plant interactions: Their role in rainforest conservation and restoration at a community level in southeast Queensland;
  • Animal-plant interactions: Applying the theory on the ground in northeast New South Wales; and
  • Animal-plant interactions in tropical restoration: observations and questions from north Queensland.

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