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Miscellaneous Reports and Research Coverage

Culvert Fishways Project Description

Wildlife Surveillance Assessment for the Compton Road Upgrade, 2005

Rainforest CRC research into the use of faunal under and overpasses appeared in the journal of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Wildlife Australia Magazine:
'Bridging the rainforest gap' featured in the Summer 2000/2001 edition (Download the article)
'Under and over' featured in the Spring 2002 edition (Download the article)

Prepared in February 2006, a report to the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority, prepared by David Bax of Thiess Pty Ltd, describes the effectiveness of aerial fauna crossings constructed at the Karuah Bypass north of Sydney. The structure of faunal rope tunnels was adopted from designs used by the James Cook University research team.

Kuranda Range Road Upgrade

Information about the upgrade
Rainforest CRC findings on integrity
Rainforest CRC findings on scenic amenity

Supplementary Study # 10 - Kuranda Range: Applying Research to Planning and Design Review
Supplementary Study # 11 - Kuranda Range Proposed Upgrade: Assessment of Net Adverse Impacts
Supplementary Study # 15 - Vegetation and Connectivity Under Bridges
Supplementary Study # 3 - Water Quality Issues (Rainforest CRC reports appear in Appendices D and E)
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