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Freshwater Fishes of North Eastern Australia

684 page, hardcover book
ISBN 0 64306 966 6
Brad Pusey, Mark Kennard and Angela Arthington

Freshwater Fishes of North Eastern Australia was officially released by Senator Ian Macdonald, Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation, on 23 November 2004 as part of the Rainforest CRC's Annual Conference activities.

Researchers Brad Pusey, Mark Kennard and Angela Arthington from Griffith University compiled the text following ten years of extensive studies on the ecology and management of freshwater fish in far northern Queensland. The text also provides a review of existing literature and field research carried out in Queensland over the past twenty years.

Features include information on species identification, evolutionary history, breeding biology, feeding ecology, movement patterns, habitat use, water quality tolerances, conservation status, current threats and management recommendations, along with high quality ink illustrations.

The book may be ordered online through CSIRO Publishing.

In 2005, the authors were awarded the Whitley Medal, the most sought after prize in zoological publishing in Australia, in recognition of their exceptional contribution to our knowledge of the fauna of the Australasian region. Download Forest Matters Newsletter, September 2005 article.


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