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Sustainable Small-scale Forestry

Socio-economic Analysis and Policy
ISBN 1 84064 356 0
Edited by S. R. Harrison, J. L. Herbohn and K. F. Herbohn

Book published by Edward Elgar Publishing.

Contents include:


  • Setting the Scene
    • The Role of Small-scale Forestry Throughout the World;
    • Small-scale Forestry Systems for Timber and Non-timber Benefits Including Biodiversity;
    • Socio-economic and Policy Issues in Farm Forestry.
  • Social and Economic Considerations
    • Assessing Financial Performance of Small-scale Forestry;
    • Total Economic Value of Multiple-use Farm Forestry and Non-market Valuation Techniques;
    • Timber Production and Biodiversity Tradeoffs in Plantation Forestry;
    • Landscape Amenity and Recreation Values of Farm Forestry;
    • Carbon-based Marketing Opportunities for Small-scale Farm Forestry;
    • Accounting and Reporting of Forest Enterprises.
  • Encouraging Small-scale Forestry
    • Farm Forestry Success in New Zealand
    • Policies for Small-scale Forestry in the United Kingdom
    • Policy Aspects of Small-scale Forestry in Europe
    • Small-scale Forestry Enterprises in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Sustainable Forestry Enterprises in the Philippines
    • Small-scale Forestry Systems in India
    • Development of Forestry including Small-scale Forestry in China
    • Non-industrial Private Forestry in the United States of America
    • Reforestation Progress and Forestry Incentive Schemes in Australia
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