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Report No. 37

The Comparative Assessment of Arthropod and Tree Biodiversity in Old-World Rainforests: The Rainforest CRC / Earthwatch Protocol Manual

Best Practice Manual
R. L. Kitching, S. L. Boulter, G. Vickerman, M. J. Laidlaw, K. L. Hurley and P. S. Grimbacher
ISBN 0 86443 740 4

Of all ecosystems, the world's rainforests are the richest and most diverse. The combination of the arthropods with the rainforest environment has challenged scientists to develop methods of inventory as the basis for on-going monitoring. Rainforest CRC researchers have developed protocols for use in assessing arthropods and their associated vegetational diversity, comparable across sites, seasons, treatments etc.

This revised manual presents a detailed account of their approach, equipment, methods and handling of both specimens and numerical data. It is designed for use by those with little formal biological training. It has the advantage of being achievable over a modest time scale and of being open-ended and flexible in terms of just how much information may be collected from a particular site.

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