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Developing Policies to Encourage Small-scale Forestry

Proceedings of an International Symposium held in Kuranda, Australia, 9-13 January 2000
ISBN 1 86499 581 5
Edited by J. L. Herbohn, S. R. Harrison, K. F. Herobhn and D. B. Smorfitt

The objective of the Symposium was to examine the issues associated with developing policies to encourage small-scale forestry. Over eighty delegates attended from twenty countries and some fifty presentations were made. From the papers presented it is apparent that there is a wide range of potential ways to encourage small-scale forestry including:


  • Forestry assistance schemes;
  • Development of decision support systems;
  • Research support for key issues;
  • Joint venture arrangements;
  • Removal of market impediments; and
  • Provision of tax incentives.
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