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Tropical Cyclone Larry Forum Report

Preliminary results from post-impact surveys conducted in the aftermath of Severe Tropical Cyclone Larry making landfall at Innisfail, Queensland, 20 March 2006
Edited by Jim Davidson, Regional Director (Queensland), Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Convened at James Cook University, Townsville, on 7 April 2006, the Tropical Cyclone Larry Forum enabled stakeholders to share preliminary results from community and field surveys conducted in the immediate aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Larry. These early surveys were mostly carried out along the coastal strip between Cairns and Cardwell. Other areas with major damage include the nearby Atherton Tablelands and islands in the cyclone's path. A more specific goal of the Forum was to attempt to allocate a Category to Larry at the time of landfall.

See also the JCU/CSIRO Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture information relating to research on the impact of Tropical Cyclone Larry.

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